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2017 Infographic 


Animal data worksheet            
Note: Our data request is separated into two components—Received and Outcomes.     
For the purposes of establishing data integrity of information, we have included an on-hand (in care) 
count on January 1 and an on-hand (in care) count on December 31. Consequently, your Total Animals 
Received MUST equal your Total Animal Outcomes.  Your application may not be considered for funding
if the data submitted is not correct.        
Animals received            
On-hand     Jan 1st Strays Owner surrenders Transfers from other orgs Other TOTAL received    
350 163 1644 430 18 2605    
Animal outcomes            
Adopted Returned to owner Transferred out to other orgs Euthanized Died in care Other On-hand    Dec 31st TOTAL outcomes
1811 38 113 165 27 86 365 2605


2016 Statistics


The SPCA of Anne Arundel County is pleased to report a live release rate of 99%.

 Surgeries - Shelter  
Adult canine spay 233
Adult canine neuter 262
Juvenile canine spay 41
Juvenile canine neuter 32
Adult feline spay 212
Adult feline neuter 155
Juvenile feline spay 966
Juvenile feline neuter 181
Surgeries - Public  
Adult canine spay 270
Adult canine neuter 308
Juvenile canine spay 29
Juvenile canine neuter 14
Adult feline spay 147
Adult feline neuter 165
Juvenile feline spay 29
Juvenile feline neuter 53
Beginning Dog Count 77
Beginning Cat Count 197
Beginning Other Count 36
Public Surrender 1216
Return 233
Transfer In 502
Other 7
Total Live Intake 1958
Adopted 1977
Transfer Out 132
RTO 43
Euthanasia 17
Died in Care 27
Total Outcome 2196
End Dog Count 109
End Cat Count 230
End Other Count 26
Total Live Release Rate 99%
Total live release rate is calculated by dividing total live release by the sum of total live release and total euthanasia