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My husband and I wanted to send a quick note and a few pictures.  We adopted an all black kitty by the name of "Momma Mia" about 2 years ago. We also just adopted a new friend for her, a gray and white kitty named" Autumn" in January 2011.  Now that "Mia" has a friend, she seems to be a much more active kitty.  They play and chase each other all the time, plus take turns sun-bathing in the sunny spots by the bay window, and playing with ice cubes in the water bowls.  I couldn't have asked for 2 better "furry children".  They are such a joy to have, and we're lucky to have found them. The technician who helped us pick out Autumn was such a Huge Help!  A big thank you to her!  Autumn fits in our house just perfect!  You All do such a great job... keep up the good work!!!