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I received a call from a staffer there to get an update on my adoption of Roxie and I wanted to let you know that it’s going great.  I was amazed how comfortable she was in my house the first night I brought her home; you would have thought she had been there many times before.  She is the sweetest thing and gets along with her “cousin”, Koda, extremely well.  Koda has taken on a momma role and had been teaching Roxie so many new things.  They have become best buds and they love their daily walks/runs together.  I will be starting training with Roxie on Sunday and look forward to teaching her some new tricks myself, especially not to jump on people when she’s happy to see them.  She is extremely smart and I can’t wait to channel her intelligence in constructive activities.  She has adapted very well to the city environment and even the vet was so surprised at what a laid back dog she was, especially knowing that she had only been with me less than a week at that time.  I just love her to death and am so happy I adopted her.   Thanks for checking in and I have included a couple pics of Roxie and Koda (who was adopted from the Howard County SPCA 3yrs ago) that you can hopefully put up to show others that adopting an animal is a wonderful experience.   They are cell phone pics so the quality isn’t great, but I think you’ll see just how much these two have bonded in such a short time.  Don’t hesitate to call me if you have additional questions.  Thanks!