We adopted Lucy (Treasure) in January 2011. Initially my boyfriend and I were just playing with the idea of bringing a dog into the home. We went to the Anne Arundel SPCA one Sunday afternoon and first saw her and fell in love. We took her outside and all she wanted to do was play and have fun. We loved her. I knew when we left there she was who I wanted to take home and care for as long as I could. She is currently sound asleep on the couch as I am writing this. She loves to play and chew up toys and tear up the house. I miss her when I go to work and cannot wait until I can come home and play with her. It breaks my heart not knowing what her past was like but considering her sweet demeanor, it can’t be all that bad. The only issue is that some people are afraid of her not knowing what her breed is. She looks like she could be in the Pitbull family but we could care less. We could not imagine our days without our Lucy. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!